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Top Reasons Why Google+ is better than Facebook

The purpose of social networking differs from one to another. Some people connect with their old friends while others look for new. I was looking for a niche social network than a generalized social networking site. For instance, you get to see only design inspiration links on my Facebook Timeline, but the interaction is very much limited when it comes to comment system, Facebook groups, fan page, etc.


These are not the side by side comparison of Facebook and Google+, but the only viewpoints. So here are my top reasons why Google+ is better than Facebook.

Connect with Google+ community around the world

You can create a group in Facebook that serves for a closed interaction within the group members. For example, you can create a student group for ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology‘ or even create ‘Jack Daniel‘s group for whiskey lovers.

But the problem in Facebook group is that all updates appear just like another Facebook wall. There is no way you can filter specific topics into a label for better accessibility.

Google-plus-community--categories-Print+Web+Interface-DiYIn Google+ Community (like Group in Facebook), you can add categories just to filter the entire content from different members. For example, you can create some categories such as Discussion, Inspiration, Typography, Package Design, Posters, etc., inside your ‘Graphic Design’ community.

Let’s say Miranda who is a member of this ‘Graphic Design’ Community. She just want to see some design inspiration for her current project. This is possible for her by clicking on the ‘Inspiration’ tab on the left and gets rid of the rest. Thus, it would definitely increase her productivity while working on her project.



Google+ Circles

I find sharing content in Google+ in much more convenient than Facebook. For instance, I can share latest news of Xbox One by Microsoft to all my Visual FX network by selecting this community.


Similarly, by selecting my friend circle I can share the latest pictures of David Beckham to my selected friends rather my family friends. This is difficult in Facebook as I need to create a List before I can share with them just like creating email groups in outlook.

add-to-circle-Print+Web+Interface-DiYAdd as Friend/Add Friend in Facebook is the only way to adding new people into your network. My Facebook tab shows ‘600+ friends’, well that’s big but what about the categorization! Now in Google+ you can add someone into one of your circles, but this is not the end. For example, not only I can add my friend Eva (Designer) into my Communication Design circle but also into Web Design circle.


Search Everything in Google+

facebook-search-Print+Web+Interface-DiYI didn’t know that Facebook can’t find ‘Posts’ when you search something from your wall posts. It does not make any sense If can’t retrieve my recent wall post ‘Thank you Steve! By Jonathan Ive‘ which was posted recently. ‘Search the Web’ is the only suggestion I am getting by Facebook here, how irrelevant is that? Now this is possible in Google+. It would show all the posts, links or even videos instantly based on your keywords into the search field, thanks to the power of Google search.



Notification & Google+ Account Integration

login-page-google-plus-Print+Web+Interface-DiYYou don’t need to create another email id and password just to use Google+ rather than signing with you’re existing Google/Gmail account details. The Google+ notifications are way more noticeable than Facebook.

Overall Google+ Experience

The entire Google+ interface is really intuitive & robust in terms of usage. By clicking on the ‘What’s hot’ I can see all popular content from different Google+ pages and user profiles


and no crap at all. The ‘What’s hot’ page also recommends couple of choices such as Trending, Suggested Communities, Interesting People and Google+ Pages.

Welcome to the new era of social community where I hardly care about my status message, read few random posts on Facebook rather than using Google+ for more interaction with different community members.

These are the Top Reasons Why Google+ is better than Facebook, if you are serious about your new business and using Social Media for promotion or interaction then you need to be on Google+ than Facebook.

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