Google Keep Can’t Replace Evernote

Google has more than 300 million monthly active users by google source. Google became popular due to it’s first product ‘Google’s core search engine’ launched in 1997 along with email and social networking tool called Google Buzz, but it wasn’t that popular and discontinued by end of 2011. However, we are not here to talk about google story rather to understand how some of the products are successful while others are not even though the company is number 1 as per Alexa ranking. Let’s talk about the new product by google; Google Keep and compares why it can not replace Evernote. Continue reading

We just pushed out a password reset, Evernote

While writing some of my articles last night, the login screen of Evernote suddenly prompts  me to login. I was under the impression that something went wrong so I tried to re-login 2 times but failed. Finally, I clicked on the link that says ‘Forgot your password’ (which is the only and last option for anyone to get his/her account back by doing a password reset.

In the meanwhile, i got this tweet by Evernote “Password reset emails were sent to all Evernote users. Please go to to reset your password.Continue reading

Evernote to Organize your Text Content Efficiently

Some of you must have used this application in the past or heard about while the rest are already using it because of its ease of use. Today i am going to talk about a beautiful application called Evernote.

Evernote to Organize Text Content Efficiently

I used to use textedit (notepad on mac), sticky notes and Microsoft’s Word for keeping notes, important information during my client visit, write-ups for my blog and organizing other text contents. Every application comes up with their native features

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