Think of Upgrading to OS X Lion 10.7

Hey Guys! Welcome to Abinash Mohanty and Today I am going to share some of the new features of OS X Lion 10.7 and see whether should we really need that! Here I am putting down some of the key features of OS X Lion from the Apple and my comments underneath. Well, these are just my comparisons as per my observations so kindly checkout other blogs & reviews as well before upgrading. The following reviews are taken only from the productivity stand point.
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My Site Got Hacked!…

Last night, I wanted to post an article after reaching home from a social gathering, but something went wrong unknowingly.

  • My WordPress Password did not work.
  • I tried penning my live site and guess what! I could hear an Arabic Song, “What the…”. After 3 minutes…I could see a scrolling text that says ‘I am not a Hacker” but “Security Professional”  what the…!

Actually, my site got hacked!!! 🙂 Can you Believe that?

For 5 mins i was paused….5…4..3..2..1….OK!! Now What!

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UI Elements BB OS 6

It’s very hard to create and implement BlackBerry just like designing Android Apps for multiple devices. However, Today I am sharing with you ‘UI Elements BB OS 6′ in Editable Photoshop Vector Format which is very difficult to get at this particular time.

However, you can use this assets in your personal or commercial projects which are designed by keeping BlackBerry OS 6 in mind.

Do let me know if you are looking for some particular GUI.

Download the PSD file