The power of Sketching

Whether you design a website, mobile app, logo design or even a product, you need to have some basic ideas. The power of sketching is something that would give you the foundation of your final design. Being a designer, you should always prepare 10-20 rough sketches of a web or interface product and share them with your team, stake holders or end client before creating the actual wireframes.

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My work featured in Creative Gaga Magazine

creative gaga

It happened when I received an email from Creative Gaga Magazine saying ” We are Bi-monthly Creative Design Magazine which cover various verticals of Design and Art like Advertising, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Product Design, Interior Design, Web Design, Jewellery Design, Illustration, Photography, Animation etc. We want to feature your work in our future issues…” Continue reading

Evernote to Organize your Text Content Efficiently

Some of you must have used this application in the past or heard about while the rest are already using it because of its ease of use. Today i am going to talk about a beautiful application called Evernote.

Evernote to Organize Text Content Efficiently

I used to use textedit (notepad on mac), sticky notes and Microsoft’s Word for keeping notes, important information during my client visit, write-ups for my blog and organizing other text contents. Every application comes up with their native features

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Tips to promote your work for almost FREE

You have been working really hard for last couple of projects as well as got excited about your upcoming projects / targets to achieve. I have seen a lot of freelancers who only work for a particular client for several years and they are still happy with it if you ever ask them. I got a question from one of the freelance group saying “how do we get more clients and get recognized with a wide range of target group?” That’s how my post came in to say “Tips to promote your work for almost FREE”.

Tips to promote your work for almost FREE

I assume out of 24 hours, you spend at least 30mins on internet for either sending emails, social networking, posting on twitter about your current project status or interesting links to your friends. Somewhere, you look at the new T-Shirt design print that says “Wow, that’s nice..I think we could do that…” to yourself or either send that link to friends saying “checkout the new design by xyz designer”. If your design style matches with the one you saw recently, you may have end up getting such ideas before going to bed… Continue reading

Top 15 Websites to Download Free Fonts

Are you still using the default Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet fonts for most of your projects? Being a designer you should always have a collection of good fonts. Special project requires special fonts. But you can’t buy all of those fonts especially when you are working on a smaller project.  So where do you get those fonts on the earth? Here I have compiled top 15 websites to download free fonts that you can use in your projects.  Continue reading

42 FREE Textures for Designers

Hi Everyone!

Abinash Mohanty always works on getting useful resources for designers starting from tutorials, presentation techniques, re-usable design files for print & web. Today I am sharing a set of 42 FREE Textures for Designers which can be used in both the personal as well as commercial projects without any copyright issues.

42 FREE High Resolution Textures

The texture sets are divided into two parts; Part 1 and Part 2 and uploaded under Deviantart website. The dimension for each image is 2592x1944px with 72 dpi.

You can download the Texture pack from the links bellow.

For Volume 1 (65 MB)
Download from Daviantart
For Volume 2 (52 MB)
Download from Daviantart

Let me know if you like any one of them.


Thanks for reading this post.

iPhone Interactive Prototype Presentation to Client

Presenting a nice working prototype to client is much preferable than a static version of a pdf presentation. If you want to cut down your extra man hours during the development process or if you want to speed up your overall interface project, you have to create an Interactive Prototype to your clients before proceeding into the development phase. Today, I am gonna talk about how to create such iPhone interactive prototype presentation by using Photoshop (for the Design Mockups) and Apple Keynote (for the Interactivity).

Since this is only for the Presentation, i am not going to explain ‘how to create” such interface in Photoshop than  one of the quick process to achieve.

For this tutorial, I am taking an example of iPhone4. You can also implement the same for Android, BlackBerry or any other handsets as well. Continue reading