Top Reasons Why Google+ is better than Facebook

The purpose of social networking differs from one to another. Some people connect with their old friends while others look for new. I was looking for a niche social network than a generalized social networking site. For instance, you get to see only design inspiration links on my Facebook Timeline, but the interaction is very much limited when it comes to comment system, Facebook groups, fan page, etc.

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Create Color Palette from an Image

At times, creating a color palette from an image is something really hard to achieve especially when you are assigned a related project which was designed by someone else in the past. It is mandatory for designers to ask client for the design assets such as original design files, color palette, fonts and so on before starting this new project. But if you are a freelancer or working in a fast-paced environment, then you may try Continue reading

Manage multiple host files on mac

You know how tough it is to test a series of web design pages through out the operating systems (mac, linux, windows etc) along with browsers before they can go live. If you are a mac user then you need to map your IP with developer’s IP or testing server just to crosscheck whether everything is running well. Managing multiple host files on mac is not possible by default than the linear process. For mapping, you need Continue reading

Google Keep Can’t Replace Evernote

Google has more than 300 million monthly active users by google source. Google became popular due to it’s first product ‘Google’s core search engine’ launched in 1997 along with email and social networking tool called Google Buzz, but it wasn’t that popular and discontinued by end of 2011. However, we are not here to talk about google story rather to understand how some of the products are successful while others are not even though the company is number 1 as per Alexa ranking. Let’s talk about the new product by google; Google Keep and compares why it can not replace Evernote. Continue reading

Learning HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers

Finally, you come to know the benefits of HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers which was my last post. Let’s go the next level as you must have really excited enough to Learn HTML and CSS, don’t you? Well, I am not the only one, neither the least one to writing this post on html css for Graphic Designers. You will see thousands of google search results if you  just type ‘learn html and css’ just like the snapshot below.

Google Search Html and css

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HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers

If you are from the field of Graphic Design or Visual Communication and you have been working for web design company without having a fair knowledge of HTML and CSS then I would like you to read this lovely article ‘Should Web Designers Know HTML and CSS?‘ by sixrevisions first. You are not the first person to get shocked (including me) when you saw a html/css markup window for the first time and say ‘This is not my cup of tea‘ or you can even say ‘This is a coder job‘. But believe me, it would change your way of creating web design pages after learning HTML & CSS. The aim for this article HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers is to learn HTML and CSS easily.

CSS Window

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We just pushed out a password reset, Evernote

While writing some of my articles last night, the login screen of Evernote suddenly prompts  me to login. I was under the impression that something went wrong so I tried to re-login 2 times but failed. Finally, I clicked on the link that says ‘Forgot your password’ (which is the only and last option for anyone to get his/her account back by doing a password reset.

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Photoshop Vintage Effect

Everybody is talking about Vintage look now a days and it is not so difficult to achieve.  There are so many ways to give your photos a vintage look. I am using photoshop for this tutorial since most of you are pretty comfortable with it. This time i am showing you how to achieve vintage effect by playing with the Curve value which is really easy enough to do. Kindly follow the steps below and practice  side by side.

I am using photoshop cs4 with adjustment layers. You can use the same techniques by applying curves directly into your images.

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