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My Site Got Hacked!…

Last night, I wanted to post an article after reaching home from a social gathering, but something went wrong unknowingly.

  • My WordPress Password did not work.
  • I tried penning my live site and guess what! I could hear an Arabic Song, “What the…”. After 3 minutes…I could see a scrolling text that says ‘I am not a Hacker” but “Security Professional”  what the…!

Actually, my site got hacked!!! 🙂 Can you Believe that?

For 5 mins i was paused….5…4..3..2..1….OK!! Now What!

I was not at all used to the development part. I was looking for couple of tips to take care of WordPress such as backup, putting security codes, secure your .htaccess (this file was pretty new to me) and then i was looking for some answers from various posts and forums till 4am.

I came to know that some of the free word-press theme comes up with some bugs and with the help of such themes, plugins, the hackers can easily get into your WordPress no matter how hard your password is. I have already taken backup and had to reset my WordPresss. My Site Got Hacked! But I have recovered all my data without comments.

This is really a problematic situation for someone who is not much into technical rather than just blogging like me…we learn from our own mistakes, don’t we?

I am sharing couple related links below that would definitely help you securing your WordPress from being hacked 🙂

Protect Your Blog Against Hackers

FAQ My site was hacked

Also Checkout this Bullet Proof Security plugin that i have installed as requested by others. It seems to be good but there are many more plugins under the WordPress Plugins directory to search.

Do let me know if you have any better tips.

*I will also post a new article especially for WordPress protection soon.

We are not that technical yet 🙂 Happy Blogging!

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