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Learning HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers

Finally, you come to know the benefits of HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers which was my last post. Let’s go the next level as you must have really excited enough to Learn HTML and CSS, don’t you? Well, I am not the only one, neither the least one to writing this post on html css for Graphic Designers. You will see thousands of google search results if you  just type ‘learn html and css’ just like the snapshot below.

Google Search Html and css

Html is not the programming language so never call such pages as programming or coding rather than markups because HTML stands for ‘HyperText Markup Language’ wherein CSS stands for ‘Cascading Style Sheet’. Basically, there are two ways to go about it; The Hard Way, by referring to these websites such as W3Schools, Tizag, CSS Zen Garden, HTML Dog, Quackit and practice side by side. These websites are really nice to get hold of learning new markups and css but problem with these sites are for you (assuming graphic designers) to understand the actual step by step process with fundamentals.

HTML Elements

For instance if you are into graphic design then you most probably familiar with these terms kerning, leading, serif, sans-serif, x-height, ascender, descender, cap-height etc  which are the elements of typography. Similarly, you need to understand the elements of html & css such as what are tags, opening & closing tags, markups, doctype, head, body, title, style etc. Because being a designer you should always ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this?” or simply asks “Why?”.

Now the easiest way to learn html & css is to find a best tutor or experience person who works in the industry but also has the ability to teach you the fundamentals which are basics. But this is not possible for anyone find such person. After comparing online classes including lynda, I found the following book is essential for any graphic designer or visual designer who wants to learn html and css for web.

Build your website the right way using HTML & CSSI did not buy this book because this is a best seller from site point than the way it teaches as the book title says Build your website the right way using HTML & CSS. The author Ian Lloyd in this this book explained what is the best way to create website structure in html and adding styles to the structure using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) by keeping designers in mind. The way of writing in this book is really simple enough to remember as compare to other books. I would recommend you to get the ebook as well so that you don’t need to carry this book while traveling or during at work.

You can buy this book either from Amazon (also read the reviews from different users in the bottom section) or Flipkart if you are from India.

*Alternatively, you can also buy this book HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites which is also good.

Though your current position of your design role is nothing to do with development than concept creation or wire-framing, but you must study & understand your web design workflow whether it is optimized enough for production. Secondly, you can also coordinate with developers or review/tweak the web design pages which are created by your team members if applicable. Third, it would make you feel good about being into web design.

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