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Google Keep Can’t Replace Evernote

Google has more than 300 million monthly active users by google source. Google became popular due to it’s first product ‘Google’s core search engine’ launched in 1997 along with email and social networking tool called Google Buzz, but it wasn’t that popular and discontinued by end of 2011. However, we are not here to talk about google story rather to understand how some of the products are successful while others are not even though the company is number 1 as per Alexa ranking. Let’s talk about the new product by google; Google Keep and compares why it can not replace Evernote.

These are some of the popular products/services such as Gmail, News, Web, Images, Maps, Videos, Youtube & Yes Google+) from google used by most of the consumers these days. However, google also has so many products launched for different target groups to make their life easier by using product or services such as Drive, Sites, Blogspot, labs, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Docs, Checkout, Code, Webmaster, Adsense, Analytics, Adwords and much more which can be seen under the list of google products.

There are so many note taking applications for mac, windows, linux including mobile platform. Every note taking application has different vision by keeping target users in mind i.e. college students, researcher, managers or even bloggers.

In my earlier post Evernote to Organize your Text Content Efficiently I have explained some of the best usable features of Evernote. In March 2013, Google has launched Google Keep for both Android Version and Desktop platforms however the desktop is not promising at all for the time being. There are so many posts running on ‘google keep vs Evernote‘ but if you are an existing user of Evernote then you will never like the current version of google keep desktop. Here I am putting down some of the notes that compares…

why Google keep can’t replace Evernote.


Pros » Google keep

  • It allows you to create a new Note & List
  • Google keep desktop is really fast due to it’s powerful search engine
  • Unlimited numbers of notes that you can have
  • It keeps on saving while you are editing or creating notes
  • It let’s you view your notes in 2 formats, Grid view or List view
  • The search note (on the top) will help you find a particular note from your keep dashboard
  • You can also assign colors to each note for identification

Cons » Google keep

  • The UI is very much confusing in between the creation of Note & List i.e. as you see there is an icon for Create List but no icon for Create Note which appears as search box on the top and just below the Google Note Search.
  • It does not allow you to insert Images on Safari Mac (version 5.1.7) rather on Chrome Mac.
  • No options for note sharing as Evernote has.
  • ‘Adding a tag’ is missing which is really helpful when you have similar notes under a main category such as Cooking or Education.
  • Text formatting is missing that means no Bold, italic, Color, Underline etc.
  • More view options are required such as Compact rather than just Grid and List views.
  • The main advantage of using evernote is offline mode which is also missing in Google Keep.
  • You cant even use google keep as standalone native desktop client rather on web.

Google-keep-Print+Web+Interface-DiYSo how did you find Google Keep! Share your experience in the comment area below.


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  1. Since it’s been quite long, new Google keep is much more now. (Though I don’t use Evernote, as I always found it less intuitive)