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Well, what do I have to do with the followers count? I have nothing do with the followers, I don’t even care whether I have 5 or 500 followers. But, if you are part of the social network or even planning to build a better and bigger networks, your online activity matters to the world which is linked with your online profile with status. 

Your followers count matters to people having new business or even those who never interacted with you face to face. Some say your profile status having “Less Followers” means less scope for interaction with a huge crowd. Here are some of the interpretations of “Why do they follow?” according to people having different mindsets such as

  1. I Trust You (Professionals & Entrepreneurs)
  2. You have Good Knowledge (Students & Professionals)
  3. I am bound to listen because you have so many followers (Fan)
  4. Hey! We have something in common (Designers, Artists, Writers)
  5. Thanks for promoting our business (Business Professionals)
  6. The usage steps are quite useful (Customers)

Here is another live example by Liam

People will follow if you are a famous personality like Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Ronaldo, Steve Jobs, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg or Bon Jovi then you will have 30,000 followers and fans on Linkedin, Facebook, Google, MySpace or even on Twitter. So what is the problem here and why don’t you have enough followers as they have? Any dirty tricks? Nope! I don’t even like to talk about that.

Well, there are reasons for not getting followers, So what are they? Here, most of the examples are taken from twitter but the process is same for other social networking sites.

Stop Firing only Hyperlinks

A pretty common way to promote your own services by sending direct links to all members. For instance, being a web design company, you are posting direct hyperlinks consistently on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc. May be your services are good but these are not relevant to artists, writers, carpenters or even to movie makers at all.

In the end, they will unfollow you or mark you as spam.

Complete your profile page

This is very much important to complete your profile page whether you are on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook or Linkedin. You don’t want people to see your incomplete details having the default avatar, your email address and your name. Others may consider such incomplete profile page as fake account. For example, readers and writers want to know more about the author just after reading the article.

If you are a designer, you must mention the following details as possible such as a short bio, your passion, your expertise, your blog address, other profiles, email address and so on.

Now, what’s your Strategy?

You can skip this part if you are new to this or else read 14 Ways to Build Strategic Relationships with the Who’s Who of Social Media that tells you how to make connections with different network.

Follow few people to start with

Find interesting people as per your need and start following them to receive latest posts from them. For instance, if you are into interaction design you may follow them via twitter.

Be a Genuine Person

People love to interact rather seeing your Facebook likes or +1 on Google Plus. Share your thought process or design process to others by putting a comment or promote other’s design principle to some of your network and wait.

You can also share some of your work or content and ask for opinions and don’t be a shy person. Mention name/author of the actual content/article while sharing with others if possible so that he/she will be notified. By doing this, you will get “thank you” note and further interaction from the author because it’s called mutual respect.

Categorize your post content to specific network

Share different content such as pictures, presentations, tips or other resources to different communities or groups. If you want to get more followers then never share “design resources” related stuff with writer community if you are on Google Plus and vice versa.

Add them back or Follow them back

If you want to connect with others then you have to follow them back on twitter or Add them Back on google plus. And by doing that you will get the latest post/tweets from your followers and vice versa, which is a good for interaction.

Now, what’s a bad practice? Well, being a professional if your “following count = 2” but your “followers count = 1000”, that makes you feel Big for sure but won’t make you a superhero. Why? Because for you the number matters, not the interaction.

Interact, Share & Comment on Public

Sharing something privately won’t give you much exposure than sharing in public. For instance, you read an article but you are not 100% agree with it, what would you do? Use the comment section to share your viewpoints by logging with twitter, Facebook or Google plus which would help others to know you or connect with you.


This is not the technical post but the real truth about getting more followers on Social Network. Getting followers would take time, especially on twitter as compare to Google+.  All you have to do is keep interacting, make new connection, give suggestions & feedback to others and “Have patience“, it would happen over the time just like growing a plant.


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