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Do you want to be a Fashion Designer?

You love Fashion Designing, don’t you?

Fashion designing is a very nice discipline which is a form of art involves the application of design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. This is not a simple but a multi-billion dollar business starting from concept, Ideation, design, production, distribution to retailing which is populated across the world by fashion industries.

Well, you must be interested in fashion designing since your child hood or may be you got excited after watching the London fashion week. There is nothing wrong with that, but the fact is what you see in a fashion show ramp is not the real picture.

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Fashion is design is far more than just crafting a beautiful clothing or garment collection you can say. This is expanded into several things such as casual wear, jewelry design, leather products, formal & casual wear for men / women, uniform design, footwear design, sports wear and so on from design concept to finished product.

If you have already made up your mind to become a fashion designer then here I am putting down some of the important as well useful guidelines which will help you to decide before joining any fashion design schools or institutes. I am not from fashion design background than Visual Communication, though the following tips were gathered from most of the fashion designers under my friend circles.

1. Verify such fashion design courses

Think and decide whether you really want to get into these institutes, checkout the duration of such courses such as 2 years, 3 years, affiliations, placements and so on. However, teaching methodology is something that is difficult to compare because each & every institute has its own value & culture.

2. Don’t get biased

Never join any fashion design degree program after looking the TV Commercials or World Class glossy printed browsers. Ask someone for opinions or read reviews from various online forums like ‘The Fashion Spot’ with real students/professionals/faculties.

3. Never follow anyone?

You should never follow the same course just because your best buddy is getting into it, what if you imagine ‘fashion design’ differently than what it does actually? Also ask opinions from professional fashion designers such as ‘What do they work on?’, ‘What is their work culture?’, ‘How do they feel working with different clients/projects?’, etc., and decide before joining such expensive courses.

4. Have a goal, why fashion designing?

Never have this statementI have completed my fashion design course, let’s see what happens…‘ after the completion of your course rather asking ‘I should have a customized store especially for the film stars having special needs‘ in the beginning. Because there are so many fashion designers are graduating each year but only 10-20 percent are well-recognized in the industries by creating their brand label or working with big brands to get more experience.

There are so many reputed fashion design schools out there. You should only have a vision, that’s the whole point. Now ask yourself again ‘Why do I want to be a Fashion Designer?

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