Getting Design Feedback Faster Part 1: Via Google Plus

Google is one of best hubs for searching ideas, How? I always use Google Search as a hub when it comes to “asking questions“. For example, I searched “who designed Eiffel Tower?”, Google came up with my answer within a second. That was quick and for generic information right! So how do we get Design Feedback via Google? Let’s get started.
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Adobe Fireworks: Create High-Fidelity Wireframes for Agile Environment

Create High Fidelity Wireframes in Fireworks

Today, most of the startups are following agile or lean design process so that they can quickly experiment different ideas, develop and test with real users. Time is money, this is one of the reasons why we are following agile process.Today, I am not going to talk about the elements of visual design or even agile process in brief. I will show you how adobe fireworks can optimize the entire design process by using this tool to create high fidelity wireframes. Continue reading

Photoshop Vintage Effect

Everybody is talking about Vintage look now a days and it is not so difficult to achieve.  There are so many ways to give your photos a vintage look. I am using photoshop for this tutorial since most of you are pretty comfortable with it. This time i am showing you how to achieve vintage effect by playing with the Curve value which is really easy enough to do. Kindly follow the steps below and practice  side by side.

I am using photoshop cs4 with adjustment layers. You can use the same techniques by applying curves directly into your images.

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iPhone Interactive Prototype Presentation to Client

Presenting a nice working prototype to client is much preferable than a static version of a pdf presentation. If you want to cut down your extra man hours during the development process or if you want to speed up your overall interface project, you have to create an Interactive Prototype to your clients before proceeding into the development phase. Today, I am gonna talk about how to create such iPhone interactive prototype presentation by using Photoshop (for the Design Mockups) and Apple Keynote (for the Interactivity).

Since this is only for the Presentation, i am not going to explain ‘how to create” such interface in Photoshop than  one of the quick process to achieve.

For this tutorial, I am taking an example of iPhone4. You can also implement the same for Android, BlackBerry or any other handsets as well. Continue reading

UI Elements BB OS 6

It’s very hard to create and implement BlackBerry just like designing Android Apps for multiple devices. However, Today I am sharing with you ‘UI Elements BB OS 6′ in Editable Photoshop Vector Format which is very difficult to get at this particular time.

However, you can use this assets in your personal or commercial projects which are designed by keeping BlackBerry OS 6 in mind.

Do let me know if you are looking for some particular GUI.

Download the PSD file