Top 14 Quality Fonts to Spice up your Designs

Print Web Interface DiY always brings up latest tools and techniques along with articles for designers. Communicating a message via visual language is easy but it enhances your creativity via typography. Do you know every typeface or font has its own personality? For instance, you find all Japanese people look the same, but they don’t. Continue reading

Photoshop Vintage Effect

Everybody is talking about Vintage look now a days and it is not so difficult to achieve.  There are so many ways to give your photos a vintage look. I am using photoshop for this tutorial since most of you are pretty comfortable with it. This time i am showing you how to achieve vintage effect by playing with the Curve value which is really easy enough to do. Kindly follow the steps below and practice  side by side.

I am using photoshop cs4 with adjustment layers. You can use the same techniques by applying curves directly into your images.

Tips: Always take a back-up of your original photographs Continue reading

Top 15 Websites to Download Free Fonts

Are you still using the default Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet fonts for most of your projects? Being a designer you should always have a collection of good fonts. Special project requires special fonts. But you can’t buy all of those fonts especially when you are working on a smaller project.  So where do you get those fonts on the earth? Here I have compiled top 15 websites to download free fonts that you can use in your projects.  Continue reading