Do you want to be a Fashion Designer?

You love Fashion Designing, don’t you?

Fashion designing is a very nice discipline which is a form of art involves the application of design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. This is not a simple but a multi-billion dollar business starting from concept, Ideation, design, production, distribution to retailing which is populated across the world by fashion industries.
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Top Reasons Why Google+ is better than Facebook

The purpose of social networking differs from one to another. Some people connect with their old friends while others look for new. I was looking for a niche social network than a generalized social networking site. For instance, you get to see only design inspiration links on my Facebook Timeline, but the interaction is very much limited when it comes to comment system, Facebook groups, fan page, etc.

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Learning HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers

Finally, you come to know the benefits of HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers which was my last post. Let’s go the next level as you must have really excited enough to Learn HTML and CSS, don’t you? Well, I am not the only one, neither the least one to writing this post on html css for Graphic Designers. You will see thousands of google search results if you  just type ‘learn html and css’ just like the snapshot below.

Google Search Html and css

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HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers

If you are from the field of Graphic Design or Visual Communication and you have been working for web design company without having a fair knowledge of HTML and CSS then I would like you to read this lovely article ‘Should Web Designers Know HTML and CSS?‘ by sixrevisions first. You are not the first person to get shocked (including me) when you saw a html/css markup window for the first time and say ‘This is not my cup of tea‘ or you can even say ‘This is a coder job‘. But believe me, it would change your way of creating web design pages after learning HTML & CSS. The aim for this article HTML and CSS for Web Graphic Designers is to learn HTML and CSS easily.

CSS Window

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My work featured in Creative Gaga Magazine

creative gaga

It happened when I received an email from Creative Gaga Magazine saying ” We are Bi-monthly Creative Design Magazine which cover various verticals of Design and Art like Advertising, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Product Design, Interior Design, Web Design, Jewellery Design, Illustration, Photography, Animation etc. We want to feature your work in our future issues…” Continue reading

Evernote to Organize your Text Content Efficiently

Some of you must have used this application in the past or heard about while the rest are already using it because of its ease of use. Today i am going to talk about a beautiful application called Evernote.

Evernote to Organize Text Content Efficiently

I used to use textedit (notepad on mac), sticky notes and Microsoft’s Word for keeping notes, important information during my client visit, write-ups for my blog and organizing other text contents. Every application comes up with their native features

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Tips to promote your work for almost FREE

You have been working really hard for last couple of projects as well as got excited about your upcoming projects / targets to achieve. I have seen a lot of freelancers who only work for a particular client for several years and they are still happy with it if you ever ask them. I got a question from one of the freelance group saying “how do we get more clients and get recognized with a wide range of target group?” That’s how my post came in to say “Tips to promote your work for almost FREE”.

Tips to promote your work for almost FREE

I assume out of 24 hours, you spend at least 30mins on internet for either sending emails, social networking, posting on twitter about your current project status or interesting links to your friends. Somewhere, you look at the new T-Shirt design print that says “Wow, that’s nice..I think we could do that…” to yourself or either send that link to friends saying “checkout the new design by xyz designer”. If your design style matches with the one you saw recently, you may have end up getting such ideas before going to bed… Continue reading