Why Designers Should Start a Blog


I believe, a designer should always maintain a weblog, journal, diary, or even a blog to come up with design ideas, things that you have learned, or a set of design rules/guidelines to help other designers to grow.

My name is Abinash Mohanty, and I’m also a design blogger from India. You know what…most designers think the other designer is way better when it comes to things like design thinking, project planning, writing a case study, or even taking ownerships.

But the real truth is there is no shortcut to success being a designer.

To be different, one has to study, observe, learn and practice something more than what others do.

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How to Use Feedly Reader for Just 10 Minutes


In my last post…. I shared how to utilize your smartphone on LinkedIn. I also shared some of the apps that can increase your productivity. If you’re a designer, you better need to check what’s trending. That can only happen if you keep following some of the feeds, particularly on design, from some of the popular sources.

My friend, @Saikat asked me a question, “How do we prioritize what to read and what to leave.” And that’s how I came up with this post.

In this post, I’ll show you one of my secrets; how to spend not more than 10 mins using Feedly reader along with its companion pocket or readability app to get the most out it.

And the best thing is that you don’t need to spend a single penny.

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Fix Linkedin Image size via status update

linkedin image upload

As a Linkedin power user, have you ever realized what happens to your image dimension when you upload via Linkedin status update? It doesn’t fit well with its image placeholder, does it?

LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE: LNKD), the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, with more than 300 million members, reported its quarterly results for the third quarter of 2014. – Source

I always post professional visual quotes on Linkedin such as entrepreneurship, design thinking, user experience, infographic, design education, personal growth, etc.

But, these images never go well with Linkedin’s post format template; very bad user experience as compare to other social networks. Continue reading

Street photography using mobile phones

Street photography using mobile phones

One of the common problems being a designer that you face every single day is “Time Management,” don’t you? Some of them start & end up with “I don’t have time for this,” “I used to sketch or paint,” or “I used to do food photography before getting into this business/job.”

So why does it happen & why is it so common especially with designers?

If Design is about “Problem Solving” then why can’t we solve our own problems, right! Why is it so difficult for us to retain what we used to do for passion rather than just achieving goals? Moreover, you miss them when you look back.

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5 Reasons Why I Removed Ads From My Blog

Removed Ads from my blog

Yes! Ads have been removed completely. Everybody wants to earn money, and who doesn’t? But do you think blogging is one of the easiest methods to make money online by selling ads? I don’t think so. In fact, it is the toughest thing to do. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, original content, a large number of articles, a huge number of readers or email subscribers. You have to spend time, energy and money just like an investment for your first business.

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Stop Using Analytics, Start Talking to Real Users

Stop Using Analytics

So you know your users by looking at the demographics data, right! Let’s assume that you have a travel website. Now you come up with a brilliant idea, discuss with your development team and schedule “How fast can we launch this module”. You thank everyone for the hard work and leave for the day. Then you wait for Monday morning for the final results, right! So what happens on Monday morning? Continue reading

OS X Mavericks: Create AppleScript to Show Word Count in TextEdit

word count mavericks

Mavericks is the latest OS from Apple and most of you must have upgraded by now. Word Count is really important especially for creative writers and search engine professionals. For instance, if you are going to write an article having 350, 500 to 1000 words respectively, you can use Microsoft Word App, right!

But what if you don’t?

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The Real Truth about getting more followers on Social Network

social network

Well, what do I have to do with the followers count? I have nothing do with the followers, I don’t even care whether I have 5 or 500 followers. But, if you are part of the social network or even planning to build a better and bigger networks, your online activity matters to the world which is linked with your online profile with status.  Continue reading