404 vanity url

How I Got Vanity URL from Google Plus

The minimum to get a custom URL, you need to have 10 or more followers, your G+ account should be 30 days old & your profile should have a photograph. Do you think it is easy enough to get Custom URLs for those Google plus users having more than thousand followers and so on? Absolute not! Today, I am going to tell you how I got my Custom URL from Google.

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Black and White Logos

Top Black and White Logo for Design Inspiration

Black on White Paper method is your first draft before exploring colors. The era of Black & White is always considered as Classic. One of the secret mantras used while designing timeless or classic logos by using both negative & positive space. Designers spend a lot of time in research before generating quick ideas via sketching. Continue reading

Getting Design Feedback Faster Part 1: Via Google Plus

Google is one of best hubs for searching ideas, How? I always use Google Search as a hub when it comes to “asking questions“. For example, I searched “who designed Eiffel Tower?”, Google came up with my answer within a second. That was quick and for generic information right! So how do we get Design Feedback via Google? Let’s get started.
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Top 14 Quality Fonts to Spice up your Designs

Print Web Interface DiY always brings up latest tools and techniques along with articles for designers. Communicating a message via visual language is easy but it enhances your creativity via typography. Do you know every typeface or font has its own personality? For instance, you find all Japanese people look the same, but they don’t. Continue reading

word count mavericks

OS X Mavericks: Create AppleScript to Show Word Count in TextEdit

Mavericks is the latest OS from Apple and most of you must have upgraded by now. Word Count is really important especially for creative writers and search engine professionals. For instance, if you are going to write an article having 350, 500 to 1000 words respectively, you can use Microsoft Word App, right!

But what if you don’t?

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Online Design Portfolio Review Coroflot or Behance

Online Design Portfolio Review: Coroflot or Behance?

Why do we use a photo frame? Some use them to protect while others for photo enhancement. Bad photo frames can spoil the look of your photographs. Your selection criteria may include qualities, finishes, textures, detailing, pricing, appearance, materials & colors. If you are designer, sculpture or even a photographer, you know how difficult it is to showcase your creative work especially when it comes to online portfolio services. Design schools can guide you but never teach you what to select. Continue reading

How are you showcasing your creative work? Share your viewpoints.

Print + Web + Interface DiY was formed to cater latest articles on Client Interaction, Graphic Design Tips, Design Tutorials, Design Process, Typography, Design Inspiration, Web Design Tips, Design Workflow, etc.

Showcasing your creative work is really important when you deal with clients for new projects or even exchange ideas with other creative people around the world.
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Do you want to be a Fashion Designer Abinash Mohanty

Do you want to be a Fashion Designer?

You love Fashion Designing, don’t you?

Fashion designing is a very nice discipline which is a form of art involves the application of design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. This is not a simple but a multi-billion dollar business starting from concept, Ideation, design, production, distribution to retailing which is populated across the world by fashion industries.
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Visual Interaction Designer